January 27, 2022

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Learn Biblical Principles for Business Networking

The Ultimate Guide to Christian Business Networking

Business Networking
Learn how business networking has to do with furthering God's kingdom on earth!
Relational Growth

Learn the three attributes of Christian Networking: what it is and is not.

Connect with Faith Leaders

In this exclusive guide, learn how to connect with other faith-based leaders.

Business Growth
Learn how to live out your faith at work and how networking strengthens you to do it.
Leadership Training

An exclusive training resource for today's marketplace leaders.

Networking & Faith

Develop skills to connect with your target audience and leverage your relational network.

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What our members say about us:

David Shahoian, Farmers & Merchants Bank

“I truly believe that God has something to say about everything, including business and how we conduct ourselves in it. FUSION is the perfect answer for wanting to be around like-minded people of faith who believe that God has a place in their business, and who want to hear what God has to say about it.”

The Theology of Business Networking

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