June 4, 2018


Who we are

FUSION 412 is a faith-based organization of emerging professionals in our 20’s and 30’s who have a vision to connect: giving each other the tools, training, and relationships to become the best in our fields. We use three words to describe our members:

  • Drive: we want to be the best professionals we can be and are willing to go above and beyond to pursue that best self.
  • Development: we seek out opportunities for practicing new skills or perfecting old skills, finding guidance in both criticism and encouragement.
  • Direction: some of us know what goals we are heading towards, and some do not. However, all of us consider current and future experiences to be stepping stones to success.

What we bring to the table

FUSION 412 fills a unique niche of holistic development that makes all members better workers and leaders regardless of industry. Specifically, we focus on cultivating business connections and growing transferrable skills and competencies. As HR departments continually trend toward compliance, FUSION 412 fosters growth in areas that apply to any future career. If you are looking for a place to grow connections, hone career paths, and grow soft skills through professional guidance, this is the place for you.

What we do

FUSION 412 focuses on developing key workplace competencies, encouraging one another to glorify God through our work, and partnering or referring business. We practice this in three ways:

  1. Monthly 412 meetings in the Fullerton area with dedicated expert speakers and group exercises
  2. TRINITY meetings with two other assigned members (3 total) to continue building connection outside 412s.
  3. Access to in-depth professional assessments, complimentary debriefs, online resources, and potential mentorship opportunities to assist in career development.

412 Meeting Schedule:

  • Kickoff: Wednesday, August 15 @ 6 PM
    • Introduction and Kickoff Celebration
  • Second Meeting: Wednesday, September 19 @ 6 PM
    • Developing Strategic Networks – William Tom
  • Third Meeting: Wednesday, October 17 @ 6 PM
    • Workplace Communication and Calling – Arianna Molloy, PhD.

What membership looks like

As a subsidiary of FUSION Leaders, FUSION 412 seeks to mirror our parent organization’s standards of quality and integrity in membership.

  • Cost of membership is $400, paid annually or quarterly.
  • Members must be approved by the FUSION 412 board and adhere to standards of character and faith found within FUSION Leaders’ vision documents.
  • Membership includes four visits to FUSION Leaders meetings, which grants unique opportunity for networking and relationships not found in any other organization.
  • Guests may attend up to two F412 meetings before deciding to commit to membership.