Eric Anderberg

Eric Anderberg

Principal - Insurance Broker
Newfront Insurance

101 2nd Street
Suite 525
San Francisco, CA 94105
(310) 857-9797


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    • Management & Professional Liability Insurance
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    • Property & Casualty Insurance

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  • Churchome, Los Angeles

About Me

Eric Anderberg is a risk management and insurance professional that recognizes the unique needs of his clients. In an industry heavy on information gathering, paperwork, confusing proposals, last minute quotes and broker games, he gives the client the power to interact with the broker on a new level and provides the creative and feasible solutions that clients need. The typical, painful cycle for renewing your insurance can be broken. His favorite part of his job is learning your story, and doing his best to improve your process…all while having some fun!

He has had success working with a carrier and as a broker with a large regional firm. In his past roles he has become familiar and had success with: large and small franchisors and franchisees, restaurants and restaurant groups, automotive, transportation, and construction contractors . Most importantly, he continues to value personal growth as a valued partner and trusted advisor for his clients. Building trusting relationships and helping others is always top of mind.

Eric is a California native and resides in Los Angeles, CA. He is an avid sports fanatic, loves spending time outdoors, and his family is always number one.

About Company

Newfront Insurance is a modern insurance brokerage that leverages technology to vastly simplify the buying process for clients. I do my best to learn your story and deliver feasible solutions; all while recognizing the unique needs of each business and keeping it fun!

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