William Tom

William Tom

Managing Partner
infoQuest Management Consulting

265 S Randolph Ave, Suite 250
Brea CA 9281

(562) 682-2346


  • Business Consulting & Services

    • Executive Search
    • Executive Coaching
    • Succession Planning
    • Organizational Development
    • Strategic Planning

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  • Cottonwood

    • The Barnabas Group

About Me

William (Bill) Tom is founder and President of infoQuest Management Consulting Corporation, a firm providing executive coaching, executive search, breakthrough business performance consulting. His firm works with business owners, CEO’s and C-level executives in helping them overcome challenges to achieve present and future success, ultimately, attain a higher Quality of Life. 

Mr. Tom has over 40 years of business management, executive search, and executive coaching experience. He has successfully coached executives at Apple and HP as well as many family-owned enterprises engaging in multi-generational coaching. As a former TAB (The Alternative Board) facilitator, and as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), his firm provides exit planning and succession execution services. In doing so, he leverages his 20 years of TTI certification experience including certifications in Trimetrix HD, Stages of Growth, and EQ. Bill holds multiple advanced degrees and certifications including an MBA from Golden Gate University, and is a Certified Axiologist from Price & Associates. 

About Company

Ready to raise employees engagement and achieve a healthy organizational culture?
With the RIGHT people you can accomplish anything!

infoQuest places key executives, coaches leaders, and equips organizations with tools and processes to engage and optimize human capital. We impact organizations for positive change. Working with leaders and organizations, we deliver training, services, and advisory to help them establish healthy organizational traits through leadership and culture. When needing to recruit key talent, our retained executive search helps organizations acquire key strategic talent that fits the position and organization.

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